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Chad Wheeler’s victim will permanently have a steel plate and bolts in her arm

Technically, former NFL offensive lineman Chad Wheeler enjoys, as does every American citizen charged with criminal conduct, the presumption of innocence. The evidence, however, of the crimes he committed against

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Q&A: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

My sister was just told she has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I’ve heard of that causing sudden death in athletes. She says she feels fine and doesn’t need treatment now, so is

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Amsterdam overtakes London as Europe’s top share trading centre

Amsterdam has overtaken London as Europe’s largest share trading centre, and experts say the symbolic blow could be followed by the City losing jobs as well as more business owing

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Snap says its TikTok competitor already has 100 million monthly users

Snap says its TikTok competitor, Spotlight, had 100 million users in January 2021, just two months after it launched. The figure would suggest a surprisingly successful debut for the service,

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Loyal dog has spent two months at front gate waiting for sick owner to come home

A loyal dog has been waiting at the front gate of its house for two months hoping for its coronavirus-stricken owner to return home. Marco Maiolani, 55, has been in

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