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A car was sprayed with bullets in a deadly drive-by shooting just metres from a primary school.

Dante Mullings was killed in the terrifying hit, which also left two men seriously injured.

The attack took place close to St Peter’s Academy in Ladywood, Birmingham in May 2019.

In footage shown in court a Passat can be seen motoring across the city to the murder scene.

It is driven up passenger door to passenger door with the Vauxhall Corsa, where Mr Mullings was sitting in the front passenger seat.

A balaclava-clad man then blasts at least eight shots into the vehicle, ripping through the victim’s back and causing the 23-year-old to die at the scene.

A second young man, the car driver, was shot in the temple.

Miraculously he was able to walk to accident and emergency for medical attention.

A third man was hit in the buttock but he also survived.

The Passat sped off after the shooting and was later set on fire.

The occupants of the black Volkswagen Passat were out for blood after Kimani Shaw, a member of the B19 gang, had been stabbed around 20 times underneath Hockley Circus the day before.

He survived the attack.

Detective Inspector Hannah Whitehouse, of West Midlands Police, said: “The shooting was prompted by a stabbing the previous day.

“The defendants were all friends or associates of the victim and made a pact to exact revenge.

“However, neither Dante Mullings nor the other two men in the car were involved in the knife attack.

“We don’t think they were specifically targeted but that the defendants drove around Ladywood searching for anyone associated to the group.

“Unfortunately for Dante, they came across him and his friends first.

“We know Dior Jackson was in the VW Passat at the time alongside another man.

“We weren’t able to prove who pulled the trigger – but we were able to show this group plotted together to carry out the shooting. And therefore they were jointly liable.”

Today, Ihsaann Bernard, 21, of Anerley Road, Kingstanding, Omarni Bernard-Sewell, 25, of no fixed address, Ayuub Mahmoud, 19 of Lozells Street, Lozells, Dior Jackson, 22, of Wadington Avenue, Great Barr, were found guilty of conspiracy to murder between May 5 and May 8 2019.

Mohammed Qadir, 20, of Dunsink Road, Aston and Wasim Hussain, 27, of Gerard Street, Lozells, were both cleared of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life.

The court was told some of the defendants had visited Kimani Shaw at Queen Elizabeth Hospital the night before the attack.

Tony Badenoch QC, prosecutor, told the court: “Shaw had been subjected to a repeated stabbing.

“It is no doubt that, after that, plans were made to obtain the Passat.

”They no doubt felt aggrieved about the fact he (Kimani Shaw) had been subject to this multiple stabbing.”