The main program will comprise more than 100 presentations covering technical and marketing issues relating to the design and development, testing, installation and operation of plastic pipes systems. Papers will offer solutions to technical and engineering issues using plastic pipes systems, and also identify market trends for further growth in the use of plastic pipes.


For this year, a special workshop will be hosted on Sunday afternoon, September 11, 2016.  The half-day session focuses on the application of non-destructive test (NDT) methods on plastic pipes, butt-fused joints, electrofusion (couplings and sockets). 

As is known, the PPXVIII conference is a forum to present/discuss items of importance to the industry.  One of these items is now NDT/NDE.  Although the technology has been used for several years, of late, the technology and inspections techniques have made their way into standards, codes and even job specifications including acceptance criteria.  The special Call for Papers issued for NDT/NDE technology, was answered and now a knowledge exchange between the NDT/NDE and plastic pipe industry is scheduled.  This type of exchange, comprising many non-destructive inspection technologies, has not occurred within a plastic pipe forum on a global scale… this will be the first.

Following the presentation of work from six countries, the authors will participate in a panel discussion sharing their thoughts on their respective technologies, applicability of NDT methods to plastic pipes and components, on the introduction of NDT into standards and/or codes, the development of acceptance criteria and explore related topics of interest to the audience.

This special workshop is included in the cost of the conference.  However, it is important to register attendance specifically for the workshop and panel discussion scheduled for Sunday afternoon, September 11, 2016, to secure your place.

Key Subjects for Plastic Pipes XVIII

Market Issues
The evolution of the plastics piping applications
Experiences world wide
Replacement of traditional materials
Standardization and norms
Plastics Pipeline Solutions
Large projects and novel applications for plastics pipelines
Rehabilitation and replacement of aging pipeline infrastructure
Case histories
Sustainable construction
Life cycle assessment (LCA/EPD)
Resource Conservation through plastic pipes
Application areas for Plastic Pipes
Gas & water systems
Water transmission needs
Sewerage & drainage systems - SuDS
Hot & cold systems - Surface Heating/Cooling
Soil & waste systems
Plastic piping systems for industrial services
Plastic based composite piping systems
Processing, Test Methods and Performance
New plastic pipe materials, additives or ingredients
Testing methodologies
Structured wall and multi-layered plastic pipes and fittings
Developments in pipes & fittings
New product design and testing tools for plastic pipeline systems
  •         Innovation in materials, ingredients and pipe systems

The official language of the conference is English.